Washington State Employee Salary Database: 2011 salaries

This data site contains salary information for employees of public agencies in the State of Washington. This data was released to the public by the Office of Financial Management on June 26, 2012.

  • You are viewing data released during the 2012 calendar year (for salaries in 2011).
    Reports released in other years is available:
  • Statute Law Committee employees

    NameAgencyJob Title2011 Total Compensation*
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    Credits: Mike Tigas
    Data: Office of Financial Management 2011 Personnel Detail Report (some data processing by Washington Policy Center); OFM 2012 Salary Data
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    Salaries for state employees are considered “public record,” in accordance with Washington State’s Public Records act (under RCW 42.56.210). An exception is made in the case of victims of domestic violence. Please contact Ralph Thomas, OFM Communications Director for more information.